House of Jasper Silver Studio
House of Jasper Silver Studio

Within the "Majestic Rocky Mountain" collection I created the "Gold Rush", unisex, round pendant. Design refers to the history of the gold discovery in Canadian mountain streams and inflow of hopeful, but rugget, gold miners into the landscape. To balance the 'intrusion' each silver pendant is round in shape complementing curved mountain streams, evoking fluidity and serenity.

Gold Rush Silver Pendants

Celebrating history of the search for gold in rivers & streams.

All Precious Metals

Each pendant in the Gold Rush series is unique because it is hand-formed. We use Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Argentium Silver, 22K and or 24K Gold

All Silver

All Silver pendants are lighter and more affortable. We use Sterling Silver and Fine Silver. Subtle differences are expected due to hand-forming. 

Silver, Gold, Abalone

These larger and heavier medalions include hand-cut Abalone, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, 22K Gold and sometimes Argentium Silver.

Our Studio is open to the public May till October

The award-winning, House of Jasper Silver Studio is located in the Robson Valley, British Columbia, Canada between the Rocky Mountains and the Cariboo Mountain Range. Stepping stones lead to the silver studio which is nestled among ancient cedars, flowers and water ponds where birds bathe during hot summer days. During winter, snow-capped, sun lit mountain peaks are visible from the window of my workshop. Sometimes, when working late Aurora Borealis pays a then add the beauty of gemstone and the imagination runs wild!

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