House of Jasper Silver Studio
 House of Jasper Silver Studio

Although we have won number of awards, awards are not as important as to see my work being worn. People who appreciate my designs have a special connection to our planet where each stone was created under amazing circumstances. My greatest challenge, as self-taught artist, is to continue to overcome the expected, to defy barriers and to give the gems power to communicate. Tenacity, technical experimentation, and commitment to self-expressionism help me achieve the avant-garde of the unexpected. Gem selection process is based in the realm of third dimension and not easy to describe. It is an instant connection between me and the gem; it wants to be with me just like I want to have it!  Gem ‘tells’ me what it wants to become so I make it. That goes for complementing metals. Somehow, each gem ‘chooses’ its backdrop surroundings.

Our Studio is open to the public May till Christmas with some exceptions.

The award-winning, House of Jasper Silver Studio is located in the Robson Valley, British Columbia, Canada between the Rocky Mountains and the Cariboo Mountain Range. Stepping stones lead to the silver studio which is nestled among ancient cedars, flowers and water ponds where birds bathe during hot summer days. During winter, snow-capped, sun lit mountain peaks are visible from the window of my workshop. Sometimes, when working late Aurora Borealis pays a then add the beauty of gemstone and the imagination runs wild!

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